Dark Circles: 6 Causes and How to Get Rid of Them?

Dark circles under the eyes are a problem that can occur at any age. In adolescence, even a healthy body reacts to regular stress and lack of sleep by darkening the under-eye area, but they do not seem to be a problem. After 30 years, circles in the lower eyelid area often become permanent, accompanied by swelling and give a tired look. We will tell you why circles appear under the eyes and how to remove them.

What deficiency causes dark circles?

It is believed that the bruising under the eyes – a problem of people with poor sleeping patterns and a busy schedule. Most often, the problem is a temporary nature, and after good rest, blackenings pass.
But chronic fatigue and stress – not the only reason for staining the skin of the eyelids in a dark shade. Sometimes a good night’s sleep and rest are not enough to solve the problem. To determine how to remove dark circles under the eyes, find out the possible causes of their appearance.

Top 6 causes of circles under the eyes:

Age changes. The skin of the eyelids – the thinnest, most vulnerable, and dry – is influenced by external and internal factors. With age, it begins to deteriorate noticeably: reduced density, elasticity, tissue elasticity, dark circles, and puffiness often appear under the eyes. Around 30, the synthesis of natural collagen in the human body decreases, thinning subcutaneous fatty cellulose.

Overwork. Persistent stress, fatigue, or insomnia cause the body to react with vascular disorders, problems with lymphatic drainage, and the formation of dark bags under the eyes.

Heredity. A common cause of chronic dark circles under the eyes is genetic heredity. Thin transparent skin, a predisposition to couperose, allergic reactions – such signs of sensitive skin are often inherited.

Health problems. Nervous and endocrine system disorders, problems with the liver, kidneys, heart, and blood circulation can also be the cause of bags.

Incorrect lifestyle. Disrupted drinking regime, unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, lack of oxygen, insufficient sleep, and lack of rest schedule – all these are the causes of lymphatic stasis, impaired blood circulation, and microcirculation, reduced skin tone, and the appearance of a dull complexion.

Hormonal changes. For example, against the background of pregnancy, melanin production often increases, and brown circles appear.

What does the color of circles under the eyes say?

The hue that acquires the skin of the eyelids can also indicate the cause of the darkening.

Blue, black and purple circles under the eyes.

With age or chronic fatigue, blood vessels become more fragile, the decay products of hemoglobin seep through the walls of blood vessels and give tissues a darker shade.
Solution: Removing the dark circles under the eyes (blue or black) will help means based on vitamin C and caffeine. For example, anti-aging care with pure vitamin C.

Yellow or brown circles around the eyes. The cause of yellowish circles can be hormonal changes (increased synthesis of melanin in pregnant women), excessive influence of ultraviolet light on the skin.

Solution: Products based on vitamin C, retinoids, eperulin, and procysteine can help lighten them.

Red circles .They often indicate an allergic reaction that causes histamine release into the blood or increased eye pressure caused by prolonged work at the computer or behind the wheel.

Solution: To prevent red circles, choose products based on vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) and soothing emollient ingredients: eperulin, allantoin, and panthenol.

Can I get rid of under-eye circles at home?

In the case when dark circles under the eyes are not the cause of serious illness, the following general recommendations and proper care can aimed at lymphatic drainage, improving microcirculation and blood circulation can prevent their appearance.

If dark circles under the eyes are caused by hereditary factors, then you can not get rid of the problem completely – regular darkening will cause the features of your skin type and its reaction to external or internal influences. Nevertheless, compliance with the recommendations will reduce blueness and puffiness of the skin under the eyes, and tone and firmness will increase. Proper supportive eye care will help prolong the beauty and youthfulness of your skin and keep it fresh.
Important: Get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes will help a complex approach: compliance with features of anti-aging eye skincare and a healthy lifestyle.

General recommendations

Observe a healthy sleeping regime: air the bedroom before going to sleep and try to keep the room temperature at night no higher than 18-20 °C, 1-1,5 hours before going to bed put aside all gadgets, and distracting objects, the phase of deep sleep should ideally last from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am – the period of maximum melatonin production by the body.

Protect the skin of the eyelids from the negative effects of UV rays, which provoke brown circles under the eyes. The thin, vulnerable eyelid skin is the most sensitive to sunlight and quickly reacts with pigmentation and other signs of photoaging.

Do not drink a lot of coffee or tea before going to bed – these products retain fluid in the tissues and can cause swelling and the appearance of dark bags. For the same reason, avoid snacking on salty foods just before going to bed.
Important(!): adequate sleep promotes sufficient oxygenation of tissues, helping cells to breathe and speeding up their metabolism. As a result of the enrichment with oxygen, the dark blood becomes lighter. It stops to show through the thin skin of the eyelids and visually stains it.

Cosmetic remedies for dark circles


Getting rid of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes will help funds whose formulas aim to combat tissue swelling.
Such products contain the following ingredients:

  • High-molecular and low-molecular hyaluronic acid intensely and permanently moisturizes and prevents cell dehydration.
  • Peptides help to remove breakdown products of hemoglobin in tissues, help to remove dark circles under the eyes, tones the eyelid skin, improves its turgor.
  • Caffeine improves blood flow, disperses lymph, has an anti-edema effect.
  • Collagen, elastin, and proxylan increase skin elasticity.
  • Antioxidants fight free radicals and prevent oxidative stress and early aging.
  • Vitamin C regulates melanin production and stimulates collagen synthesis, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and increases the skin’s immunity.
  • Vitamin A lightens yellow and brown pigmentation and stimulates the synthesis of natural collagen and elastin.
  • Vitamin E strengthens cell membranes, and skin protective functions help prevent inflammation.
  • Algae or chestnut extract has a draining effect.
  • SPF filters for protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Cooling ingredients (menthol, mint, and their derivatives).
    Important(!): Use eye cream at least 1.5 to 2 hours before going to sleep. Do not apply it too close to the eye’s mucous membrane – that can irritate and swell in the morning.


Another effective way to get rid of circles and bags under the eyes is the lymph drainage massage. You can do such a massage with your own hands at home. Many manufacturers also produce products for the eye area with a built-in massage tip so you can regularly massage the eye area as part of your daily routine.
Express methods for fast results
If you need to get rid of circles under the eyes quickly, you can use effective express methods. Try the following three methods if you have no time, but need results now.

How to remove dark circles under the eyes in 30 minutes:

  1. Express mask for the eyelid area. It is recommended to apply the mask to the eyelid area for 15-30 minutes, spread the remainder on the skin with light patting movements.
  2. Ice is another way to get rid of puffiness under the eyes at home. Apply ice cubes of herbal infusion (chamomile, mint, rose, mother-oil) to the eyelids for 3-5 minutes. No less effective will be cold compresses on the eyes: a cotton pad soaked in thermal water or chilled herbal infusion, squeeze gently and place over the closed eyelids for 10-15 minutes (if necessary, moisten discs repeatedly).
  3. Drink a glass of water – this will normalize the hydro balance of the cells of the body and prevent dehydration of the tissues, the first stage of which are the bags under the eyes, the second – dark blue circles.
  4. For more tangible results, we still recommend using specialized cosmetics for the eye area.

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